Department of Applied Physics (AP)

Founded in 1987, the Department of Applied Physics (AP) has long been engaging in top-notch scientific research activities, as well as training high-quality graduates to serve society.

With its 80-strong team of academic staff and researchers, AP is specialized in the research of the following topics:

(1) Energy Materials and Devices, (2) Nanomaterials, (3) Photonics, Plasmonics, and Optoelectronics - Materials and Devices,

(4) Smart Materials and Devices, and (5) Theoretical and Computational Physics. 

The department is well-equipped with more than 30 laboratories and has benefited from the world-class research facilities. Our researchers are also actively involved in industrial collaborations and consultancy projects, contributing to the technological development locally and in the Greater Bay Area.


AP has been well-recognized by both students and employers, because it continuously provides high quality tertiary education and undertakes high level application-oriented research. Its success rests on the following:


  • Consisting of a group of devoted, experienced and caring academic staff;
  • Strong research expertise with outstanding publication records;
  • Close link with local industry;
  • Advanced equipment for teaching and research;
  • Providing broad-based learning for students in both sub-degree and degree levels; and
  • Graduates holding leading positions in Hong Kong.