UMF-Cleanroom (UMF-Cleanroom)

The Cleanroom occupies a floor area of 600 square meters including plant room, gas room and staff office. The plant room and gas room are equipped with facilities to support the operation of the cleanroom. The cleanroom provides class 100, class 1,000 and class 10,000 environments (ISO 5, 6 and 7 respectively).

Class 100 room is a yellow room, which is designed for doing photolithography. Photolithography is a process to transfer a mask pattern on to the substrate, such as silicon wafer. The pitch of the pattern can be as small as a few tens of micrometer, so photolithography should be performed in a particle free environment.

Device fabrication and measurement would be performed in class 1,000 and class 10,000 environment. Equipment includes thin film deposition system, ink-jet printing system, plasma etcher, wire bonder, probe station etc. Other facilities have solvent cabinet, chemical cabinet for acid/ base solution and refrigerator.


Alert: From 1-Jan 2023, “Note” field in booking must be filled with approved Process Flow number. Booking with NO approved Process Flow number may be cancelled without noticed! For detail, please refer to Frequently Asked Question at below.


Charging Scheme:

  • Introduction of Cleanroom Session (compulsory): HK$150/user (internal); HK$180/user (Others)
  • Lab access per user + material cost + equipment cost


Useful Information:


User can enter cleanroom 30 minutes before the start of booking session. However it will take no more than 10 minutes to activate cleanroom door access, after the booking session is created.

Upcoming Training Session:


Training Session for Hitachi TM3000 Desk-top SEM

   - Training Session will be held on 1-Feb at 10:30am. Please click here to enroll.  (P.S. Gather at Room HJ709)