Welcome to the University Research Facility Management System (URFMS). Please select the unit below to view the instruments / items offered by the unit concerned and make your bookings. You can also refer to our Quick Guides and FAQs for more details.

First-year fee waiver for using University Research Facilities (URFs) & Equipment for newly recruited (first year) Assistant Professors (APs) and Research Assistant Professors (RAPs)

  1. A fee waiver account will be setup with quota ($10,000/month x months of free services period) for all eligible applicants.
  2. An applicant must request for fee waiver by contacting the relevant URFs or RIO.
  3. User shall use URFs in a fair manner.  Users are required to cancel their booking at least one day prior to the day of use, when they are unable to take up the booking session.
  4. A no-show record will be filed by URFs and the fee waiver may be revoked when no-show occurs for more than 3 sessions. User shall follow each URF’s rules and URF & RIO reserve the right to usage. 

All Facilities

  • The Centralised Animal Facilities (CAF) in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University was established in 2006. The facility aims to provide humane handling of research animals and high-quality animal husbandry services.

  • ABCT

  • Welcome to AP. Science is influential. We encourage students and research personnel to be creative and innovative. Our Department is equipped with many advanced research facilities facilitate the learning needs of our students and research personnel.

  • CEE Water and Waste Laboratories

  • University Research Facility in Materials Characterization and Device Fabrication (UMF)

  • AEML is supplemented by materials preparation equipment for cutting, polishing and ion milling for preparation of surfaces and cross-sections from bulk specimens for examination with Spectra 300 Probe & Image correctors S/TEM, Helios 5CX dual beam FIB, PIPS 695, Nanomill 1040.

  • CEM supports two transmission electron microscopes (JEOL-2011 & JEOL-2100F), a dual beam focused ion beam (FIB) microscope (JIB-4501) and an instrumentation for TEM sample preparation (PIPS-691), enables a wide variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects.

  • Cleanroom occupies a floor area of 600 square meters including plant room, gas room and staff office. The cleanroom provides class 100, class 1,000 and class 10,000 environments (ISO 5, 6 and 7 respectively). Photolithography, device fabrication and measurement can be performed in Cleanroom.

  • MRC houses a diverse range of equipment for materials synthesis, characterization and processing. The mission of the centre is primarily to underpin research developments in materials science and technology within PolyU and to promote multi-disciplinary research in this field.

  • Micro-/Nano-Device Fabrication and Sensing enables a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary research projects.

  • U3DP offers 3D printing services in different materials including Metals, Plastics, Resins, Ceramics, Biomaterials / Foods / Silicones, and Nanomaterials.

  • The University Research Facility in Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience (UBSN) is a state-of-the-art think tank and interdisciplinary technological platform supporting the research endeavors of PolyU’s principal investigators and researchers as well as those from other higher education institutions.

  • Being one of the University Research Facilities (URFs) at PolyU, the UCEA aims at providing access to advanced instruments required for the research work between chemical and environmental research.

  • Being one of the University Research Facilities (URFs) at PolyU, the ULS aims at providing access to advanced instruments required for the research work in life sciences, encouraging multidisciplinary research and innovations, maintaining core facilities, and training research staff and students.